Supporing those who serve

Project Live Love Lead is a 501c3 non-profit organization that supports the men and women in uniform that serve us both domestically and abroad. From the inception of this project we have leveraged our stories and experiences to speak and act in the lives of those in uniform who are forgotten by the very people they have served. Far too many of those men and women go through life suffering in silence because of the things they have seen and done in the line of duty. Sometimes that damage is physical and sometimes it is mental but it is frequently debilitating. Project Live Love Lead comes in to those men and women’s lives and gives them hope and healing.

Project Live Love Lead

Donations to Project Live Love Lead are tax deductable. Please consider supporting this non-profit with regular donations. Each donation goes to support those who serve. 

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Face to Face Support


We provide immediate support with boots on the ground. This means that we coordinate people to engage with those suffering who understand what they are going through by experience. Our team have all been involved in large scale traumatic incidents and have survived. From gun shot wounds, to mass shooting events. From Law enforcement to  Fire-fighters and First-Responders; We truly understand the emotional and physical aspects of trauma at a personal level. Because of that understanding, we can offer a very unique level of support that is unavailable through many other organizations. 

Media Support


We offer a curriculum, continuous video series and a podcast that speaks directly from our own personal experiences. We offer the methods and life changing mindset development that each of us used to emerge from our own darkness. Each team member has a unique story but a common experience in becoming whole in our brokenness and appropriating our stories for the good of others. 

Financial Support


We give financial assistance to those effected by a large-scale traumatic incident for a limited time-frame so that those men and women who qualify are able to support themselves and their families while they are recovering and healing. Many times the departments and organizations that these public servants are employed through simply do not have the ability to effectively support their men and women in this way. 



Project L3 raises awareness to those in service as well as the general public by partnering with organizations, fundraising events, and speaking engagements across the United States throughout the year that share our values. Each engagement is to educate and shine a light on PTSD, Depression and suicide among public servants and first-responders. The effects of the cumulative micro-traumas experienced by those in service, as well as the major traumatic incidents can be debilitating and by raising awareness of these things in departments and the public we hope to break the stigma associated with them. In doing so we will pull men and women out of darkness and into a life that is full of hope and healing.

Body, Soul and Spirit


Project Live Love Lead also believes in training the whole person. This means that not only do we want to develop men and women who are whole in their mind, will and emotions but also in the body and spirit. Because of this we have partnered with The EmPowered Project and Power Athletics to offer a place for service men and women to train. The EmPowered Project HQ is located inside the Power Athletics training facility in Alpharetta, Ga. The facility offers exceptional group functional strength and fitness classes that are coached by experts in the field as well as many other amenities to our men and women of service at a tremendously discounted rate. The program is proven time and again since its inception to provide strength and fitness like no other. 

Our Operations team is a diverse group of Current and former Law Enforcement and other first responders who have been there. The operation team has collective experiences that span gunshot wounds, active shooter responses, hit by vehicles, involved in multiple shootings, throats cut, as well as diagnosed experience with PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Suicidal Thoughts, Bi-Polar, along with some unconventional spiritual experiences within many of those incidents. 

Our team has literally been there! We have been there and come out the other side. Our stories are your stories and we have been healed and made whole through the methods we use in The EmPowered Project curriculum.

We are here to help you, NOT diagnose you. 

You still have to take the first step. Fill out our contact form or message us on social media to begin developing the tools to attack PTSD, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts and life in general. You are worth the effort to become your best and live a life that is to the fullest. We can help!  

Read the teams full biographies here:

Team Bio's

You are not alone. You can be whole again. You don't have to feel broken, depressed, suicidal, isolated, crippled by PTSD or disconnected from your family or tribe.

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