The Truth

Project Live Love Lead exists to serve the men and women who have served in our Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Services, and other First-Responders who have been involved in catastrophic events

Either through traumatic physical injuries or traumatic emotional injuries we strive to provide support and hope through our team who have all experienced the trauma and struggles of PTSD that come from trauma. 


Here's the ugly truth. 

Service men and women especially those in public service such as, law enforcement and fire departments who are injured in the line of duty are frequently left to "figure it out" by their departments once their incident becomes "old news". Many times due to their physical or mental injuries, the injured first responders are often unable to return to the job they were called to, or are afraid to ask for help because they'd lose their job. Unable to serve effectively, these men and women are often forced to suffer in silence or to find new ways to provide for themselves and families. The problem is that many of those first responders now bear more than just physical scars and it leaves many of those public servants broken, struggling through PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts and trying to find work. 

Project L3 works hard to make face to face interactions with those experiencing or who have recently experienced trauma in order to provide support in any way that we are able. Our operations team have been there in the trenches and have worn the uniform. We have fought through the darkness and have experience that gives us unique perspective and insight in helping others. 

Our mission is to support those first responders and give them practical help to prevent PTSD triggers, move from the darkness of depression to the truth of hope and to reduce and prevent suicides in others through our own experiences.

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In life you are rarely remembered for what you say, until you are known by what you do.

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The EmPowered Project Podcast


The EmPowered Project Podcast delivers real, raw, life experience and how we've learned to handle it. We also conduct interviews and guest podcast sessions with service men and women who are some of the toughest people on the planet.

Financial Aid to Real Public Servants


Some of the toughest times outside the physical and mental trauma is dealing with the financial burdens that are left undone because of the trauma or lack of support from the department. Your support provides us a way to help in these scenarios.

Face to Face Team Interactions


Face to face support from our team is invaluable when interacting with first-responders. Partnering with us allows our experts the ability to go to those first-responders and their families who are desperately in need of someone who understands. 

The EmPowered Project HQ Training


HQ is a literal location where first-responders train body, soul and spirit. At HQ we prepare and develop effective and efficient tools to handle the job. 

Peace of Mind knowing lives are being saved


This project started when a team member received a social media message from a person saying that this project convinced them to not kill themselves. From that day forward we have had the opportunity to be a part of many more stories such as that. Your generous donations make those interactions more possible. Lives are being saved, families are being saved and it is worth every penny.

Experienced Team who understand.


The team we have put together not only understands but have literally walked the walk. Many on our team of experts have walked through PTSD, Depression and suicidal thoughts due to trauma in the line of duty. Our team is uniquely qualified to speak into others because they have appropriated their stories for the benefit of others and experience in this area in is absolutely necessary to effect positive change in the best way possible.