What does The EmPowered Project do?



We strive to bring men and women out of the darkness of PTSD, Depression and those undiagnosed, by first giving them the tools and education we developed by experience to combat those things. We also prepare individuals preemptively for the darkness that is inevitably experienced as a military service member or first responder on the job and off the job through continuous mindset training. We also train the general public by offering our experiences and that of our families to give knowledge and understanding first-hand.



The EmPowered Project shines a light and is relentless in its pursuit of eradicating the stigmas associated with PTSD, Depression and Suicidal thoughts in our service men and women. We use various face to face, social media and media platforms to raise awareness to PTSD, Depression and Suicide among our military, law enforcement, fire services and first-responders. We believe that awareness is just the beginning of creating positive change.



Our diverse operations team is available throughout the year for speaking engagements. Each of our stories are unique but our experiences are relatable to business, family, school and life in general. We will encourage, entertain, teach, lead, and push those who will listen.  


The EmPowered Project HQ

We want to offer the best training in body, soul and spirit possible to our  Military, Law Enforcement officers, Firefighters and First-responders. The EmPowered Project HQ is the physical location to train. grow and belong. If you live, or work in and around the Alpharetta, Ga. area and want to train physically at a facility that is owned and operated by a former LE officer, is military and first responder friendly, and genuinely understands and cares about the issues that service men and women face, this is the place to be.


Membership includes:

  • All inclusive, fully equipped functional training facility
  • Leadership that has worked in Law Enforcement with a large agency, was shot, was diagnosed with PTSD and depression but has overcome those things.
  • Expert college educated coaching and administrative team
  • TWO certified nutrition coaches
  • Coach accountability check-ins
  • Private FB group for discussions
  • Monthly Nutrition Q & A
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Guide
  • In class personal coaching
  • 40 Workout classes per week
  • Open gym Sundays
  • Goal based individualized auxiliary programming
  • Comprehensive onsite workouts (Warmups, Strength/Skill, Conditioning and Mobility)
  • Monthly Skill Clinics
  • Workout tracking software
  • Personal coaching feedback
  • Milestone workout tracking
  • Benchmark testing weeks
  • Online movement and mobility tutorials 
  • Recommended health and performance articles
  • Podcast
  • Mindful and inspiring coaching and interactions
  • Social gatherings that are safe, secure, and like minded individuals
  • Community Events
  • Annual EmPowered Project getaways


This membership is only for current members of the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire services and First Responders. Special circumstances may apply. 

Proof of service will be required. 

Cost is only $39.99/ month

Class Schedule

  • 0515- 0615 hours
  • 0630- 0730 hours
  • 0745- 0845 hours
  • 0915- 1015 hours
  • 1200- 1300 hours
  • 1630- 1730 hours
  • 1730- 1830 hours
  • 1830- 1930 hours


Each class is taught by a certified expert strength and fitness instructor.


Each class has an effective warmup, specific strength, and metabolic conditioning.


If you commit to us we will commit to you and guarantee results. 

Fitness for the body, soul and spirit.

Training the Body

In physical training we prepare our bodies. We train to create a buffer between sickness, disease and death. The more consistent we train, the stronger, healthier and better conditioned we become. This is part of our mission. This is not a hobby. Through HARD physical training we create more effective and efficient humans who are more resilient in general, resistant to illness and disease and better at everything they do.

We have been designing and coaching effective and efficient training programs professionally since 2008. With over two decades of experience in training and a over a decade in program design, Let us train you to be your absolute best and have the tools to actually keep your progress

It absolutely does not matter where you are starting from, but it absolutely matters that you start!

Our program is designed to maximize the development of the 10 general fitness skills, but with an emphasis on strength.

We believe that through strength everything else that you will face in real life will become easier. Our program design will prepare you for the known challenges along the way as well as the unknown. You will be more resilient and prepared for anything life throws at you. 


Training the Soul

Training requires a commitment to learning. It requires us to listen, watch and process new and old thoughts. As we begin to hear things that challenge and stimulate our thoughts we are responsible for action. There is no such thing as training in any capacity that doesn't have action. Capture your thoughts while you train. Listen/watch our free resources. We promise that our content will in some way challenge you to grow in how you think, in how you process your emotions and in how you will be influenced by your will. We are encouraged in the changes we have seen in our own lives for the better and are excited to train you to see those positive changes in your Mind, Will, and Emotions as well. You are worth the effort, and we are always available to talk when things get heavy or you just need to think out loud to someone. Dr. Caroline Leaf, foremost neuroscientist, author and speaker recently conveyed that merely talking about our life experiences will help take the power away from negative emotions and strengthen positive emotions. 

Training the Spirit

The innermost part of you is connected to God/Higher Power or you are left with a missing piece in your life. Training this connection is really more about listening and applying what you hear. That process is called faith and action. We believe that there are so many ways to strengthen the connection to God/Higher Power and we aren't stuck in a box on this but a few practical ways we have found over our years of training seem to be universally effective.Prayer, Silence, Reading scripture, Worship, Song, Contemplation, are just a few. As we begin to deepen this relationship through training our perspective and efficacy in all we do improves. Without this training our Body and Soul (mind, will, and emotions) will only take us so far towards our potential.